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Elemental ConstructsElemental Constructs

I build things. I'm a construction worker, working most often within the old tradition of a flat surface intended for viewing on a flat wall, but always aware that I am building.

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I came to digital media from painting, where I always wanted to combine many elements on one surface: drawn mark and gesture, color, text, photographic images. With a computer, finally I was able to do this, and I came into my own.

My camera is usually at hand, giving me the raw materials for what I think of as constructs. I bring an image of an expanse of water or sky, and then tip a plane of that material into the compositional ground, and the building begins. It is dizzying to watch water hover where sky might be expected, and I may bring a stone to weigh it down.

The collections of work shown on this site contain visual links from one to another and back again, because I seem never to be "done" with a compositional concern or a vantage point for seeing the world in which I live.